Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About this Blog

Welcome to the Struggling Developers Blog!

My name is Pablo, I have a small software development company together with two partners, and we have been struggling for about a year to keep our company alive. The three of us used to work as employees on different software companies until we decided to open our own. Since then, we had to deal with different types of projects, technologies and clients.

In this Blog I will tell you about the obstacles that we had to face as a company, with both programming and clients, so that maybe you can learn from our experiences (and the lessons we got from them) and use them on your professional life.

I know I might not have the best solution for every problem, so if you have something to add or a different approach for any of my posts, please leave a comment. I promise I’ll read all of them and (if needed) update my posts with your feedback.

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